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Every day I am astounded by the perfection of Creation: the world, nature, humans, all that was, that is and that will be. Creation is a combination of the hidden and the revealed. We are occupied with the revelation of the hidden and thus contribute minutely to this wonderful world. It is this need that drives me to paint. At times, the expression is complex and at others minimal – but always a deep expression of emotions.

Facing a white canvas poses a special challenge. As an artist, I am not a substitute for a camera. I draw from nature – seek through painting that which is granted by Nature in order to discover the hidden elements not detected by the ordinary eye. My tools of quest are observation, color, shade, and composition. My means are the endless variations of light and shadow, atmosphere, and emotion. This massive wealth I translate to the canvas and present to the viewer. Every being of creation sings its unique daily praise; so too, through the paints and the canvas the artist within me reveals the wonders of creation, the “visible” and the “invisible”. In every object, I see Nature speaking to me in a language that only I understand.

I am an abstract artist. Painting is my speech. In my unique language, using the tools and techniques that I have perfected, I observe and explore and create works whose source is rooted in Creation. The end result conveys to the world an emotional experience. The language of abstraction allows me to express without words – words are the expression of the finite. The richness of nature is infinite. Abstraction aspires to the infinite; the dwelling of perfection.

Facing the work is the observer whose vision and feelings differ from mine. This observation perceives in the painting a unique narrative, not necessarily that which I intended. This too was created directly by the influence of creation. I am simply a tool.

Binyamin Basteker, 2019

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