Igal Guinerman

Igal Guinerman
b. 1980, Santiago, Chile.
2007 Moved to Israel
Lives and works in Jerusalem


BA in Architecture
Various art classes

Artist Statement

Although I have been painting on and off my entire life, the beginning of my art career I can trace back to 2007. It was at this point that I embarked upon an endless spiritual journey, one that is continuously taking me to new places and heights. It was in 2007 that I began to study Jewish wisdom and philosophy in Israel, to embrace the Torah, as I continue these studies to this day.

My work, as is my life, is an exploration of Jewish Religious themes and figures. I incorporate in my work aesthetics that have roots in diverse movements: from informalism to pop art; from abstract to expressionism. I draw from many sources, but I would describe myself as an autodidact. My inspiration comes from my heart; and my heart absorbs the day-to-day life and practice as a Torah observant Jew living in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

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