Dondi Schwartz, Wig-wag, 2021

oil on canvas
100×100 cm

“Wig-wag” may seem contradictory for a “still life” painting. However, a deeper observation reveals the constant movement of the different elements of the painting. The flowing pallet of the flowers and leaves; the inviting landscape upon which the subject is set. The viewer “wigwags” between current reality and a beautiful dream, one created by masterfully by an accomplished novelist .

Dondi was born in Canada in 1961 and moved to Israel with his family at a young age. Currently, he lives and works on Kibbutz Beeri in the Negev Region of Israel.

Schwartz studied art at the Avni School of Arts in Tel Aviv, The Kibbutz Workshop for Painting and Creative Writing and in the Uta Patinkin Atalier. In addition, he studied photography at Camera Obscura School of Arts, Beit-Svi Film School in Tel Aviv and in Concordia University, Montreal.

The artist’s works travel freely between the decorative works of art nouveau to the deep thoughts of the surrealists, yet at times incorporating the simplicity of the naive artists. Through his paintings, we experience the freedom and nature of the rural Israeli life, where one dreams of connections to the natural surroundings.

Schwartz has published several novels in Hebrew and has produced numerous independent films (documentaries & feature drama films) that participated in film festivals, were screened in Israeli theaters and on the Israeli TV.

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