Jared Bernstein, “Purple Chicken”

museum quality reproduction on canvas
available in various sizes

So many chickens up my sleeve
I can’t breathe
I’ve been deceived
By what I’ve achieved
Who woulda believed
This concept I’ve conceived
Hit the big league
I’m a new breed
A hybrid
Take heed
My pet peeve
Living in a world
Of make-believe
Albeit perceived
Caught in this tangled web
I’ve weaved
Up to my neck
Down on my knees
Begging please
My heart bleeds
Every moment I seize
I’m freed
My creed is to concede
Take the lead
Turn it up a few degrees
Then recede
Enjoy the breeze
One last good deed
Before I leave
Planting a seed
Now I’m in my time of need
This craving to feed
My greed
To succeed
Grows like a weed
Indeed it’s
Heavenly decreed
I need privacy to
Publicly grieve
A reprieve
Ready to receive
The healing I need
I proceed

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