Jared Bernstein “Quarantine”

museum quality reproduction on canvas
available in various sizes

I’m back in the saddle
Fighting uphill battles
I’m rattled
All my tales are tattles
Your voice is muddled
Bewildered and befuddled
I smell trouble
Let’s hug and call a huddle
Burst out of this bubble
I doodle while I dawdle
I waddle
It’s understood
I’m bitter but I’m no quitter
Cried tears of rivers
With a wit like water
Getting my ducks in order
Looking through this filter
I’m fit but I’ve been fitter
My nerves are brittle
Took a chunk of wood
And started to whittle
While I whistled
I fiddled
Didn’t mean to startle
Just straddle
I babble
Like a baby in a cradle
Playing hot potato
With a handful of Play-Doh
Break the mold for example
Took a gamble
Now I’m ready to rumble
I ramble and I mumble
When I bumble
Sometimes I tumble
But when I fumble
I don’t crumble
Just keeps me humble
It’s ironic
I’m iconic
So let’s change the topic
Before I stick my finger back in the socket
I’m purging sins buried deep in my pocket
If you haven’t tried it don’t knock it
Thought it was deeper love
But it was only plutonic
My thoughts are chronic
To avoid misunderstandings
Let’s strictly use phonics
All the voices in my head
Sound quite symphonic
Stood by the mountain
Hearing Your voice
No need to panic
Downright Messianic

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