Jared Bernstein “Trust”

museum quality reproduction on canvas
available in various sizes

My courage is contagious
Spreading out in stages
It supposes
Standing on tippy toes
With straight posture it poses
The questions it raises
Right under our noses
Slowing down
Smelling the roses
In and of itself it composes
Skipping no phases
Stumbling through mazes
Earning my heavenly wages
Am I really stable
Better check the gauges
The doubt it assuages
Familiar faces
Eternal embraces
Doubling down on the doses
Before the final curtain closes
A New Year’s wish
To relinquish and relish
Caught the big fish
Time to nourish
Before I perish
When there’s a shortage
I draw my strength from storage
Knowledge amazes
Passion rages
Envelopes and engages
A new book
Blank pages
Joining words
Into phrases
Learning to dance
At the feet of sages

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