Raquel Sanchez, Galillee Landscape

Hand embellished limited edition museum quality reproduction on canvas
edition of 36
editions available in various sizes

Exhibited: Art in Embassies 2018-2021. US Ambassador Friedman’s residence. Herzliya Israel (original painting)

To Raquel Sanchez, the art of intuitive nature is the process of painting while openly experiencing knowing without knowing. The canvas speaks to and for the artist and vice versa. This relationship continues even once the brushes have been cleaned.

Intuition is the undefinable comfort with ambiguity¬†we wear during moments of each day. It is the powerful drive that contains us within the uncontainable. Intuitive painting is the amorphous and structureless finding its place. Sanchez’ art captures spaces and spaces of time; it is connected with archetypal moments and poetic renditions within and of landscapes. (excerpt from exhibition catalog)

$ 1,600$ 2,450