Raquel Sanchez, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”

Hand embellished limited edition museum quality reproduction on canvas
edition of 36
editions available in various sizes

also available in non-numbered print on canvas without hand embellishing
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“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem…: (Psalms 122). Pray for the Redemption! (Meiri).

The painting depicts our every day challenges, each individual from his or her perspective. The right side of the painting represents the calm, moving from right to left as the good attempts to control. The setting may be on the clouds or in a gentle wavy sea or perhaps both. On the horizon we see the beginnings of a Golden City. Heavenly Jerusalem? Jerusalem Rebuilt?! It seems to be the coming reality.

And yet, if starting from the left we are in the midst of what appears to be an endless storm. The storm symbolizes our constant struggles, our concerns to becoming lost at “sea” or beyond. It appears that there is no life boat.

The meeting point is not clear. If we begin our gaze from the positive on the right, it appears that the good is conquering the evil. If we start from the negative on the left, it appears that the evil is casting the good away.

Yet in the area of the junction between the two forces, we notice in the center of the painting what may be a waterfall representing the Divine Providence. Yet on closer observation we notice figures, Praying for Peace.

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