Sketchlight, “Star of David IV”, 2018

View of the Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
From Star of David Series
Ray Vagner. Aria Geler
“Kinetic photography” – light painting, long exposure while rotating the camera on its axis,
c-print on Alucobond
60×90 cm
(Also available in other sizes)

The Star of David amounts to two inverted triangles that form a symbol. It is a symbol of the unity of opposites (black – white, right – left, up-down, good and bad …) a symbol of integration and connection, a symbol of G-d’s protection, a symbol of protection in general, and a symbol of future redemption. It gives us identity, tradition, customs, beliefs, and creates a way of life. In this series of artworks, we turn key sites in Israel into a Star of David that unites opposites that exist within our society.

$ 2,800