Jared Bernstein “Enlightenment”

museum quality reproduction on canvas
available in various sizes

I’m cutting all my earthly ties
Soaring to new highs
Believe me
All that belittles belies
Saying my final goodbyes
Letting go
From deep inside
Where jealousy thrives
Green with envy
I’m in a feeding frenzy
Turned myself into
My own archenemy
Begging for clemency
Foolish pride
Heavenly disguise
Forget the hows and whys
Just listen to the battle cries
Heed the warning signs
The One who decides
Who lives and who dies
Now I’ve exposed
All my little white lies
My tribulations and trials
When I’m mesmerized
I can see both
My godly and animal sides
Distinguished features
Bright like the Big Dipper
I’m dapper
With international stature
I stand flawed, a statue
Appalled and enraptured

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