Jared Bernstein “Regression”

museum quality reproduction on canvas
available in various sizes

My memories are blurry
Snow flurries
When it’s scary
I cock back
And throw a hail mary
And act silly
Like a little kiddy
Getting all giddy
My thoughts nilly-willy
Straight lines turn squiggly
When I get mad
My nose gets red like little Miss Piggy
I start acting all wiggy
Just a itty-bitty
I dilly-dally daily
But really
No time to wallow in self-pity
Deep in the nitty-gritty
Belted out my little ditty
To the point my forehead’s sweaty
Oh sweetie
Let’s make a transition
Without imposition
To reach a decision
I bum-rushed the jury
Presented my query
My voice impeccably cheery
Speaking crystal clearly
Just stated it merely
Sorry I said
I’m in a huge hurry
To tarry
When I worry
I scurry
I’m weary when I’m harried
I have a secret box
Where all my fears are buried

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